Planet Trunk Show Spring 2020

Jan. 23rd-25th

Join us Jan 23rd-25th for our Planet Trunk Show! If you are excited about the warm weather this is the perfect time to order your favorite pieces for Spring! Check back on Jan 23rd to see the items and place your order!


This is our very first time to be able to bring a Trunk Show to our website and we are extremely excited about it. For any of you who do not know what a Trunk Show is we have prepared some FAQs below.

Q: So...What is a Trunk Show?

A: A Trunk Show is where a brand will send us their newest collection for the upcoming season and you get to pre-order it before anyone else has seen it!

Q: Why aren't their photos of all of the colors?

A: For each product usually only one color and size are sent to the store for customers to look at. So you have to accurately choose the size you think will work best. As soon as we have swatches for all of the colors we will upload them so you know what the color looks like that you are ordering.

Q: When will my items arrive?

A: All items are made to order for a Trunk Show, so once the Show is complete we will send the order to the brand and it should be delivered to us by early March. Once we receive all of your items we will box it up and send it to you (if you ordered online and don't live in Little Rock). 

Q: What if my item does not fit or I do not like the color?

A: This is a fair warning that any items ordered from a Trunk Show are considered a special order; therefore, it may NOT be returned. This is why you must carefully choose the color you want and the size. But we are MORE than happy to help you out. You can call the store any time during the Trunk Show and ask any questions you may have before placing an order.


Be sure to look at the title of the product (whether it be a top or a pant) and you will want look at that in the picture. Since a Trunk Show is on a time schedule we do not have enough time to take our own photos of the individual products.

Trunk Show Color Swatches