Fall Fashion 2016

Alembika AW16-17 (33)-XL

The dog days of summer are coming to a close, the kids are back in school, and ’tis the splendid season to indulge in the fabulous fall fashions. So dress up, layer down, and get ready…what’s trending is sublime.

This year we have seen long jackets and dusters creep back into fashion and now they are becoming ubiquitous as ever.  Their sweeping designs that are full to the brim with stylish silhouettes are a quick way to add modesty and a sexy, mysterious appeal, with incredible ease. In the Spring, one of our favorites was the semi-sheer, plaid duster by Melody Yea. This fall, our popular dusters are coming from  FLAX, Bryn Walker, and Eleven Stitch (ALL tried and true beloveds).  Many of the dusters that we are getting in are in a pumpkin spice color; a muted orange, that is flattering on a wide array of skin tones.

This “burnt” orange color has been an outstanding color for fall. Other colors that we are seeing are rich versions of the jewel tones: sapphire, ruby, emerald. We are seeing kelly greens, deep teals, wines, and plums; the colors that make you want to crawl into a blanket with your favorite book, looking effortlessly fabulous and regal while doing it.

Another favorite trend that we are continually unpacking at Beyond Cotton is Dressed Up Bohemian: printed dresses, soft and flowy fringe, bell sleeves…the looks that are nostalgic for many, yet refined: a little more lace, a whole lot of bold colors throughout,  and finer fabrics.

Last but not least…Florals and more Florals.  Who for the win? Alembika; of course. The dress pictured above features a combination of textures, fabrics and prints that the designers manage to blend together (not to our surprise) without looking busy, but balanced. It is sophisticated and visually pleasing. This dress stands out but is not too assuming. Modest yet intriguing.

So, with all of this in mind, we hope that Fall 2016 brings you the confidence to step into the rich colors, patterns, and textures of the season’s wears. After all…they are far too good to pass up!


Linen-Beyond Cotton

Linen, the cultivated textile that comes from the Flax plant, has an impressive and longstanding history. It’s functions have become a staple for a certain lifestyle, which contributes to its present day popularity. The Flax plant is an extremely versatile plant that breeds an extremely versatile fabric. The Ancient Egyptians wore it and even buried their deceased in it. It is a hearty and durable fiber that stands the test of time. It was deemed symbolic of purity and fondly called “Woven Moonlight”. In the 16th Century, Linen gained widespread popularity throughout Europe and then began to fall on the wayside with the production of synthetic fibers and cotton. In recent years especially, it has ascended into the spotlight once again, as a movement of an awareness of one’s lifestyle is taking precedence over the busier things in life: what we put in, what we put out, and what we put on has become a focal point.
With rising temperatures, Linen allows comfort without compromising style. It is perfect for a hot and humid climate (it draws moisture away from the body), and lightweight and breathable, given its woven texture. Making linen is no breezy task, but products of esteemed quality usually are not, nor should they be. The men and women who wear it seek out the best names, and become fast loyals. Wallstreet Journal in a recent article: “A New Wrinkle in Summer Style: Lots of Linen”, acknowledged it as “a summer classic….a rumpled mess. Love it or hate it, linen is in the forecast for this summer”. Flax is a favorite line at Beyond Cotton that has developed a following, and rightly so. It’s designs are relaxed and maintain a sophisticated simplicity that can be dressed up or down, worn head to toe and with other pieces, or worn alone. The pieces are timeless and enduring. The New spin on the beloved Flax is Urbane Flax- foundational Flax with a modern edge that does not sacrifice its ease and natural aesthetics. Urban Flax’s color palette is one of organic and savvy taste, and it has a pleasingly soft and wrinkly texture that feels slightly lighter than the usual Flax. Beyond fulfilling the most basic and preferred needs, Linen is a beautiful textile, one that steadily grows on you the way your favorite band did, and one that ages like a fine wine. To go there is to stay, so choose your Flax wisely, get a lot at once, or collect it over time; you will surely get your money’s worth and much more.

Lagenlook-The Art of Layering

image-47Lagenlook, or “layering look” was first introduced in Germany and has rapidly grown to be a look much sought after across the globe because of its ease, comfort, and coverage. And the best part? You can do this all without compromising individual style. In fact, it is a wonderful way to dress if you like to play up your individual style and get a little creative.

There are so many things to love about the “Lagenlook”, one being that it knows no age or size. When dressing for your shape, first identify your shape-ask yourself what you would like to accentuate, and what you would like to downplay. If you are petite, make sure that your clothes do not swallow you whole or overwhelm your small frame. The Olsen twins are cute, but I think would be a lot cuter if you could well, notice something besides their heads. If you have a curvier frame, wear pieces that accentuate those God-given curves. If you wish, you can wear the “baggier” pieces over areas that you wish to downplay-but please, don’t feel like you have to look like a tent.

A common theme in Lagenlook fashion is Asymmetry: in hemlines, necklines, with the use of gathering, etc. I believe that this is a fine tool in really getting into the “art” of layering. Using the lines to draw attention to certain areas, and to create balance as well. A dramatic diagonal line (such as in a skirt) is going to draw the eyes up as well as down, while a handkerchief hemline is going to draw the eye across. Asymmetrical necklines are hardly a miss for young to middle aged women, as the decolletage is a beautiful area to accentuate.

The whole process of putting together a Lagenlook can be fun because you get to “play”. Try layering pieces of different lengths, textures, density, silhouettes, and patterns. Feel free to mix and match: pair neutrals with a pop of color in a cropped cardigan, or piece together like colors for a more monochromatic and subtle look (depending on your mood or personality). While some people can pull it off, since there is likely to be several things going on in a Lagenlook already, a plethora of multi-colored pieces is apt to look overly busy. Experiment with sheer fabric over opaque. Almost always build heavier and roomier pieces over lighter and more form fitting ones: start with a pair of skinny pants and add a shirt with bell sleeves with a cool vest over it, and wrap a chunky scarf. Or keep the vest and opt for an off the shoulder shirt for a peek-a-boo effect.

This may be a natural style for you or you may have to play around with it for a bit, but have fun. While you may have to go through a little trial and error, this look is suited for every woman. And at Beyond Cotton, we are a big fan. So many pieces that are chosen maintain a versatility that is great for the Lagenlook…so take a look!


Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 12.14.47 PMThe Alembika line is a favorite here at Beyond Cotton and amongst our fabulous customers. It is no secret as to why…Israeli designer, Hagar Alembika creates clothes that are tailor made to suit women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, while exhuding a style that is sartorial to Modern Avant Garde Fashion.
So with the new season, we welcome a new line of Alembika threads-their same beguiling look, and refreshing additions of distinctive lines and geometrics, and energizing pops of Spring Colors. So take a gander and see what the fuss is all about…Alembika

New Flax!

We’ve been carrying Flax clothing forever, it seems.  At least as long as we can remember.  It was the foundation of Beyond Cotton at our founding umpteen years ago.  You remember – big hair, shoulder pads, LL Cool J before he was a cop…

Anyway, this order of Flax covers all of the fundamentals of your fall fashion needs.  Such as the Fundamental Tee.

Fundamental Tee

Or your basic black Floods:

Flax Floods

Of course, top if off with a nice comfy tunic – The Most Comfy:

Most Comfy


Shop Flax – here at Beyond Cotton  http://www.beyondcotton.com/store/brand/Flax



Back in the saddle again

One of our favorite singing cowboys was Gene Autry who recorded “Back in the Saddle Again.” At least, we prefer that version over Aerosmith’s….

Anyway, here at Beyondcotton.com, we’re back in the saddle again.  Our previously mentioned technical issues seem to be corrected and we’re regularly adding new products each week.  So far this week, we’ve added a new Alembika shipment, a new collection from Art of Cloth as well as something for our curvy ladies, Chalou.

Look over everything and enjoy shopping!

Renuar Poly’s

Brace yourself.  We’re about to emit a four letter word.  Poly- as in esther.  Before you shut us down, let us make a few points.  Yes, it is synthetic and if you are a stoic natural fiber only kind of person, you can stop reading now.  The use of polyester is back with gusto and used by some of the highest end designers on the planet.  If you see things like techno or scuba, it is most likely these are some type of polyester materials.

Renuar has a beautiful new line called the Airflow Blouse: 

Let’s be clear.  The polyester products of today are NOT the 70’s leisure suits.  The improved garments are soft, resistant to stretching and shrinking, easy to clean, quick drying and resistant to wrinkles.  Many blends are breathable and have a much softer sheen than the overly bright disco sheen of yore.

Technical difficulties

“Why have you not added any new product recently?” you might ask.  We certainly have been asking it and here’s the answer:

Our webstore, www.beyondcotton.com is designed to be an extension of our brick and mortar store at 10700 N. Rodney Parham Rd, Little Rock.  We buy a limited number of our fashion items and when we run out of a size or color, we don’t want to show that on our webstore.  In doing that, we rely on an interface provided by our Point of Sale provider that lets the webstore talk to the inventory system.

That provider has experienced an overload in their processing system that has forced them to limit our access to the inventory system, in particular, in adding new product.  For example, this problem has forced us to temporarily remove the very popular Catherine Doll tops from the website.  They ask us to be patient and as they correct their overload situation, they will gradually increase our access to the system.

Bear with us while we wait this out, please.  We may even do a sale when we re-open!